Emergency Safety Shower Trailer in Texas

If you’re in an industry that deals with potentially dangerous chemicals, you need a place to quickly rinse off so you’re not at risk from the consequences of accidental exposure. An emergency safety shower trailer can provide the supplies you need to keep yourself and all employees safe from harm. At Permian Alliance Services, we offer safety shower trailer services throughout Texas.

We Provide the Right Tools for Your Safety

All of our emergency safety shower trailers come with a storage capacity of 350 gallons, which provides your entire workforce enough liquid to use for a long time and for any amount of chemical exposure.

Additionally, all the safety shower trailers have safety showers and eyewash stations. Exposure to chemicals via the skin or the eyes can cause considerable damage, so we want to ensure that your workers have the resources they need to quickly, safely, and thoroughly get rid of chemicals.

Finally, all of our trailers are easy to transport, with a hitch for easy connecting to a vehicle.

We Adhere to ANSI Standards

All of our safety shower trailers follow strict ANSI standards. These include:

  • Putting emergency shower trailers near to the potential risks
  • Being free of nearby debris and well-lit for easy finding and access
  • Having enough shower flow to sufficiently flush affected skin or eyes
  • Having consistent water temperatures
  • Preventing sediment buildup with weekly water flushing
  • Ensuring consistent flow between eyewash nozzles
  • Having annual inspections to ensure all showers are compliant

If you have any questions, we are happy to discuss those.

We Handle All Your Equipment Needs

From providing the equipment itself to setting it up in the proper places, we handle all hard work associated with our equipment so you don’t have to. We can bring the equipment to you, set it up wherever you need it, and maintain it so it lasts for as long as you need it.

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